28 May 2008

Bruno and the Chicks

Some process for ya: a sketchbook study for an upcoming page (or 2) in "The Song."

A bug.

This feller appeared in an early draft of "The Song."

26 May 2008

In the "Kute 'n' Kreepy" kategory:

A card I made with hand-carved rubber stamps and markers.
Not sure for what holiday...

16 May 2008

14 May 2008

Rough sketch from "The Mask"

Keef and Bruno's first appearance in MONKEYSUIT

Frankie pays a visit.

Just a doodle.

Decisions, decisions...

This was an illo for a bidness card that I piggy-backed onto
the silkscreen run of my eponymous Keef mini-book.

13 May 2008

A deck design I'm working on for my longboard

I just sanded and gessoed my board deck.
I will eventually post pix of the process.

The Ghost Pup Returns

This one goes out to Jiminy Snap.
I think GP would make a sweet vinyl, n'est-ce pas?

11 May 2008

A child is born...

I made this as a Christmas card for my parents,

back when I was still doing Christmas-y things.