09 June 2008

Another Bruno solo strip.

This was an unpublished precursor to "The Mask" (which appeared in the premiere issue of Monkeysuit). Carved rubber stamps.

07 June 2008

Working sketch for my skateboard deck

This will probably go through several permutations before the painting begins.

06 June 2008


I was feeling a little low yesterday, so I bought this froggy to help put some pep in my step. Zoomies, on Hudson St in Manhattan.

03 June 2008

The Singing Lesson

From my current sketchbook.Part of an episode from the continuing saga entitled "The Song."

02 June 2008

An early Bruno adventure.

On scratchboard. Drawn around 1988. That's a long time ago, kids.
This page
originally had narration, but I photoshopped it out 'cuz it seemed redundant.

01 June 2008

Bruno doll

My mom made this Bruno a few years ago. Now he resides in the permanent collection of Miss Lilia QuiƱonez-Royce.

28 May 2008

Bruno and the Chicks

Some process for ya: a sketchbook study for an upcoming page (or 2) in "The Song."

A bug.

This feller appeared in an early draft of "The Song."

26 May 2008

In the "Kute 'n' Kreepy" kategory:

A card I made with hand-carved rubber stamps and markers.
Not sure for what holiday...

16 May 2008

14 May 2008

Rough sketch from "The Mask"

Keef and Bruno's first appearance in MONKEYSUIT

Frankie pays a visit.

Just a doodle.

Decisions, decisions...

This was an illo for a bidness card that I piggy-backed onto
the silkscreen run of my eponymous Keef mini-book.

13 May 2008

A deck design I'm working on for my longboard

I just sanded and gessoed my board deck.
I will eventually post pix of the process.

The Ghost Pup Returns

This one goes out to Jiminy Snap.
I think GP would make a sweet vinyl, n'est-ce pas?